Information we collect

In order to identify how well your phone is supported by a certain version of our application, we may collect device model/system information such as hardware manufacturer, phone model, carrier name, operating system version and FoxFi version number. We may also collect the maximum download speed value if detected.

Information we do NOT collect

We do NOT collect unique device identifiers (such as MEID or ESN) or any personal information (such as phone number or contacts). Please check application permission list to verify this.

Spams and Ads

We will never serve spams or advertisements in our application. If you do see spams or ads while the FoxFi application is active, it will most likely be caused by a background application. Please check your system.


When you first install FoxFi, the default password for the WiFi hotspot is empty. You MUST specify a non empty password to protect your phone otherwise everyone can connect to it!